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This morning I was having quite a troublesome morning waiting for delivery men that hadn’t quite got out of bed in time to deliver my printing. I found myself searching through my emails whiling away the time as I began to clench my teeth in frustration.

I stumbled upon an email that had arrived via my website from Sian Clifford of Fluid Creative. Her request was that of a review, she’d visited the website and was impressed with my work. Humbled by the polite email and the compliments on my work I was happy to accept the review on the Fluid Creative blog.

The article talks about your online presence, the brand you develop and the way in which your website speaks for you when you’re not available to do so. I’m really pleased they mentioned my website in the branding section as I find developing a brand for myself the most difficult as a creative. It becomes hard to decide what clearly shouts to the audience without either being too vague or too full on. I’m happy now that this approach works. Clients tend to say they’ve found my site and enquired about work because it clearly shows my style, target audience and is simple to navigate. Well navigation is key on websites for sure.

An introvert at heart, my website is where I feel at ease to show off. No one can study you, but everyone can look at what you do best.

Compliments from a Creative Studio is still after 10 plus years illustrating very amusing and surprising to say the least. Looking at Fluid Creatives portfolio and blog further demonstrates a wide range of work from all aspects of design, web development and SEO experts. Simply fantastic work and something with which I wish I had known about over a year ago whilst I was struggling to get a company to actually be able to speak in my language….that being design. I’m definitely going to keep them in mind for future reference.

With that I went back to waiting and watching for the non-existent delivery guy. Tut tut. What has happened to being able to tell the time? Definitely a new project in the pipeline and thinking about it, educational areas to look at.

To read the full article by Sian and please do…it’s well written and has me in it. Visit the link below: