Emma Hildreth

Dance like there is no one watching

I’ve been on my Masters course for almost a year now and the work I am doing at the moment is in relation to my style. Adding textures, depth and movement into my work through techniques applied with a theoretical context. The course is great and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their work. I feel my work is continuously changing and I have ideas flowing all over the place.

This piece was to explore how frame boundaries can be used to focus the attention of the viewer to a particular point in the scene. In this case the ballerina’s arms are creating a frame and directing your gaze to the mouse below. Making sure you don’t miss it.

Similar techniques were also used by Beatrix Potter in Peter Rabbit. Next time you’re flicking through a picture book with a young person try and look for other examples. I’d be interested in what you find. All the more to learn….