Emma Hildreth

Home Start Calendar

Home Start is a charity aimed at improving lives of parents and children around the UK through education and advice. When they approached me to work on their charity calendar I was eager to help out, as our work as children’s illustrators serves to inspire and help children in every way. The charity are great as they support the whole family through what can be a tough time. Knowing that as a young mum myself when I had my daughter it is probably the easiest time to find yourself struggling, making ends meet, needing guidance on which way round a nappy goes and most of all just needing people to say Yeah you’re doing ok. The illustration I created here for them was inspired by my new partner and myself decorating the house ready to put it up for sale and how frustrated he became when he smudged a bit or bumped into the wet paint. How infuriating must it be but also comical for a small child to be happily helping you to finish the painting in the way they’ve been taught at nursery or school. It also combines the dad and daughter relationship that so many single parents lose sight of or cannot have due to unforseen circumstances. My new partner is a great step-dad to my daughter and dad to his own two. A blessing to have a guy who cares so much about the painting. Haha. Home Start Calendar